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Do Baby Teeth Have Roots? 5 FAQs About Baby Teeth Answered!

Do Baby Teeth Have Roots? 🤔 5 FAQs About Baby Teeth Answered!

Reviewed by Dr. Henry Martinez, DMD

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As a parent, seeing your baby’s first tooth come in is an exciting milestone. However, with the arrival of new teeth often comes a lot of questions and uncertainty.

In this blog post, we’ll answer five frequently asked questions to help ease some of your concerns.

1. Do Baby Teeth Have Roots?

Yes, baby teeth have roots. They are much shorter and narrower compared to permanent teeth. The roots start forming when the tooth is still in the gum, and they support the tooth as it grows.

As kids grow, their primary teeth must fall out to make way for their permanent teeth. During this process, the body naturally absorbs the roots of the teeth, which makes them loose until they finally fall out. It’s a natural part of dental development that ensures permanent teeth can grow properly.

2. Do Baby Teeth Have Nerves?

Yes, like adult teeth, baby teeth have nerves. These nerves transmit signals of hot, cold, and pain to the brain. The nerves are essential for helping a child sense the temperature and texture of food.

If the nerves get damaged or inflamed, children can experience a toothache. Usually, this kind of nerve pain is from an injury or a cavity. When the cavity extends to the tooth’s pulp, it causes pain and sensitivity. Cavities in baby teeth should be treated right away so that they don’t cause early tooth loss, infection, and pain.

The best thing you can do for your child is to start implementing good dental hygiene habits from a young age. Brush their teeth twice daily with a soft infant toothbrush and hydroxyapatite or fluoride toothpaste. Use the right amount for their age: a grain of rice for children up to three years old and a pea-sized amount for kids over three years. 

3. When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

Once the teething process is complete, baby teeth will naturally fall out to make way for permanent teeth. Baby teeth usually fall out between ages 6-13, giving way to 32 permanent teeth. The process of losing primary teeth is known as exfoliation.

The order in which the teeth fall out can vary, but the front bottom teeth are typically the first to go, followed by the front top teeth, then the molars. Teeth fall out at different times for different children, so don’t worry if your child’s teeth are not falling out in the “correct” order.

Schedule regular checkups with your pediatric dentist to monitor your child’s dental health and oral development.

4. Do Baby Teeth With Crowns Fall Out on Their Own?

Yes, baby teeth with dental crowns will naturally fall out over time. Dental crowns are a standard treatment for damaged or decayed teeth in children. They provide extra protection and support until the tooth falls out. Typically, the crown, a stainless steel cap, remains attached to the baby tooth when it falls out naturally. 

5. Do Baby Teeth Come in Crooked?

Yes, it’s common for baby teeth to come in crooked or at odd angles. However, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a problem, as primary teeth often move and shift as the permanent teeth develop underneath. They may straighten out on their own as the child’s jaw and gums develop.

If the teeth are misaligned, it may be a sign of overcrowding or other underlying skeletal issues requiring orthodontic treatment later on. If you’re worried about crooked teeth or other dental problems, consult with a pediatric dentist.

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